Nexus-Recovery Are Specialists In Providing Recovery Services At Both The Metropolitan Police Pounds Based In Perivale And In Charlton.

Has your vehicle been placed in the police car pound? There could be various reasons why your vehicle has been impounded.

Some of the most common reasons are as follows:
  • Police may seize and impound a vehicle for lack of MOT or driving without valid Motor Insurance.
  • Police may seize and impound a vehicle if the person driving it does not hold a valid licence or have had their entitlement to drive revoked by Court.
  • Police may impound an abandoned vehicle.
  • Police may retrieve your stolen vehicle and will place it in their car pound or impound it until you can arrange to release it from therein.
  • Police may arrange the recovery of a vehicle that has been involved in an accident and impound it until the owner of the vehicle is able to release it within the next few days.
  • Police may seize a vehicle if they have reason and proof that the vehicle has been part of a crime scene. In such circumstances, the Police will seize and impound a vehicle so that Forensic Investigation Can Be Done To Gather Evidence & Clue To A Crime That Has Taken Place In Which The Vehicle Was Used.

Many times stolen vehicles are used to conduct criminal activity. Stolen vehicles which are found abandoned by the Police are then seized by the Police and placed in a safe and secure car pound until the owner of the vehicle can make arrangements to recover his vehicle.

One of the most common reasons for which police seize vehicles is drink driving or driving under the influence of drugs or other controlled substances. In the interests of public safety and security, Police have to impound such vehicles and arrest the persons involved in such activities.

At times, you may be a victim of crime and your vehicle might have been used by criminals to give shape to their criminal activities and motives. 

At such times, in order to keep the roads obstruction fee, the police have no option but to seize vehicles and impound them for one valid reason or another.

As you can see, Police will only seize and impound a vehicle for one of the above reasons linked to crime or traffic offences.

Our Operatives Hold Specialist Insurance Which Allows Them To Recover And Transport Your Impounded Vehicle For A Fee.

Whether Your Vehicle Has Been Impounded In The PG9 Category Or Been Retrieved By Police After Being Stolen, Please Contact Us on 079 9009 9008 For A Quote.

Our Operatives Are Fully Licensed And Can Assist You In Recovering Your Car, Van, Motorbike, Electric Scooter From Perivale Police Pound and Charlton Police Pound.

Speak To Our Operatives Today To Find Out What Documents You Need To Arrange The Recovery Of Your Impounded Vehicle.

At Nexus-Recovery, We Understand That Arranging Recovery Of An Impounded Vehicle Can Be A Stressful Procedure For You. With Over 15 Years Of Experience In This Sector, Our Operatives Can Assist You Completely So That You Are Not Left To Deal With The Hassle.

If You Are Unable To Visit The Perivale Police Pound, Kindly Email All Documents To Perivale Police Pound Email And Send An Authority Letter Authorising Our Company. Then Leave The Rest To Us As We Secure The Recovery Of Your Impounded Vehicle And Deliver It To Your Home Or A Garage Of Your Choice.

At Nexus-Recovery, We Provide Comprehensive Services To Individuals, Garages, Vehicle Rental Companies And To Motor Insurance Companies.

Charlton police pound recovery contact number : 079 9009 9008

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